Moscow Branch

A. Ratnikov & Partners branch in Moscow provides the following services in Russian Federation

Engineering and Construction Law


We advise and represent developers, property owners in the production of detailed planning, building permits and use permits, and to challenge the relevant administrative acts. Share our knowledge in drafting contracts and other documentation from the beginning of construction to the structures signing off. Advise builders and customers during differences related to the contracts and warranty of the structure.

Engineering and Construction law also consists of issues related to construction oversight and property development. Additionally we provide consulting services and represent clients at Government tenders.


Tax Law

tax lawTax law as a legal branch touches on the essence and purpose of taxes, types of taxes, sources of tax law, the basic principles of tax law, tax issues related to the requirements and duties and tax proceedings.

Lawyers advise clients on tax matters as transactions, tax planning, tax proceedings, tax disputes and other matters related to taxation.



Litigation and Arbitration

courtDeal in pre-trial and extrajudicial resolution of disputes and represent clients in civil and administrative cases in all courts, and represent clients in arbitration proceedings.




Banking and finance

financeIn this region, we advise our clients primarily on topics such as loans, savings, savings maintenance, currencies, securities (bonds), investment funds, opening of bank accounts, etc.





Debt law

debtDebt law is a part of private law in continental European legal systems which are subject to regulation of debt relations. Debt Law is divided into two branches: contract law and the right to non-contractual relations debt (non-contractual obligations). Additionally, the debt law regulates associated with damages.

Contract law contains a compilation of various treaties and their legal analysis. The basis for the general classification of contracts is the following list:
• contracts of sale, exchange, donation and inheritance;
• contracts of hire and lease, contracts of gratuitous use;
•loan agreements, credit and leasing contracts;
• employment and service contracts;
•services agreements (sub-contracting (including construction), orders, agent ,commissions, transportation, storage, forwarding, providing health services, etc.);
• community treaties;
• insurance contracts;
• factoring agreements and other requirements of disposition and commitment;
• non-contractual obligations (restitution, unjust enrichment, etc.)

Commercial law: mergers and acquisitions

commercialIn the field of commercial law we advise our clients from the beginning of the process of establishment until the end of the liquidation of the company. In addition to the previously mentioned, on daily bases provide legal counselling related to the relationship between the shareholders and the stakeholders, relations and agreements between the shareholders and the stakeholders and the management, Board and / or the General Meeting, the change in capital value of the enterprise, organization and conduct of general meetings and registration, merger and division of the company and acquisition and disposal of its assets.



Citizenship and residence permits related issues

citizenshipThe right to a nationality and freedom of movement is one of the most important human rights and freedoms. Citizenship creates a stable political and legal relationship between man and the state of which he is a national; citizenship creates mutual rights and obligations of the individual and the state. Residence permit – is a document issued by the relevant authority which entitles the bearer to free entry to and exit from the state during the period of validity of the residence. We advise our clients on citizenship of EU countries in disputes relating to the refusal to grant citizenship and declaration of previously issued citizenship as invalid; also advise regarding citizenship applications. Consult our clients when submitting documents to obtain permits in the EU countries. Also represent clients in the courts for citizenship and residence permits related disputes.


Immigration Law

immigrationIn the area of immigration law we advise clients in connection to the initial application and extension of the residence permit and related proceedings. In addition to issues related to residence permits, assist with the application for a visa and addressing related issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with citizenship, as well as the resolution of issues related to seeking asylum. Based on the above provide the following services:

• mock-up and submission of documents required for obtaining and prolonging of residence permits;
• preparation of necessary documents related to immigration law and help in the preparation of other immigration documents;
• consultation in the field of immigration law and help in the preparation of other immigration documents;
• preparation of requirements for challenging the decisions of immigration;
• representation of clients in the institutions of state authority and local self-government;
• Court disputes.


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